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Insight. Inner Vision. Instinct.

Adorned with: Amethyst has been prized for its beauty and legendary energies for thousands of years. Hues rang from light violet to deep purple and it’s known for its spiritual protection and purification. This stone of royalty clears your energy field helps to connect to your Third Eye Chakra.

Scented with: As if the complexity and beauty of Lavender wasn’t enough, this scent is lightly blended with complimentary notes that uplift and create an experience to transcend the present moment.

 Notes you can expect: TOP – Bergamot, Lemon. MIDDLE – Lavender. BOTTOM – Cedar.

Affirmation: I am open to clarity and connect to my inner guidance.

What to do with your crystal: Remove it (refer to How to Safely Enjoy Your Candle in the main menu) and add it to your meditation routine, put it on display or leave it in place as the candle glow reveals its true color.