Last summer I had the pleasure of joining a group of creative and inspirational women to share in reading Julia Cameron’s The Artist's Way. It’s not just a “read” but it’s an action elixir encouraging self-exploration, connection with yourself (your higher self, the universe, etc.) and baby steps toward creating…anything.

 I’ve known about this book for years. And, also poopooed reading it for years as the main component or exercise is to write what’s called “morning pages.” Three full pages of stream-of-consciousness handwriting in an 8 ½ x 11 notebook. Who has time for that, right? And while I was always in stages of creating something (writing, a business, crafts), I never thought of myself as an artist, per se. It never occurred to me that I was the artist or creator of my life.

I just didn’t get it. I just wasn’t ready.

Julia Cameron is very specific about writing by hand and there’s lots of information to back up the benefits of doing so. And the time of day is also non-negotiable – that’s why they are called “morning” pages. Turns out it’s the best time of day to do a mind dump.

Anyone who knows me well enough knows that if you tell me I can’t do something, I WILL do it – my inner rebel loves the challenge. But I suppose one of the benefits of living in the wisdom years is learning to negotiate with the rebel.

So, I did and took the plunge into morning pages. At first, it was awkward, and I felt vulnerable. I was committed to the 8-week challenge even though my inner child kicked up a fuss at first.

When I didn’t know what to write, I wrote exactly that – “I don’t know what to write” – over and over again.

After days of gibberish and quiet anxiety, real words would spill. I wrote nothing and I wrote everything. It was an adventure in spending time with me. And on the days that I didn’t have time, I would feel a feeling of separation; like I was missing a friend. And then I’d make the time even for just a page or two. And the coolest thing about that is that I didn’t do it because I felt guilty, and I didn’t beat myself up for not doing the challenge “perfectly”.

Taking action felt good…it honestly just felt like an act of love and grace.

And then I remembered one of Julia’s quotes I jotted down, “action has magic, grace and power in it.”

So, a final note to the self-critics, the perfectionists, the rule followers (or breakers), just take a step.

What does this look like? That’s entirely up to you and what feels good to your soul. It’s not the ‘what” so much as it is about the “how” does it feel.

It could be one small breath of relief. Or excitement. Or passion.

No one has to see it but you. No one has to feel it but you. It can be grand, or it can be small. The important thing is you just do what feels good…what feels like love. 

Paula G. Rosario

Owner, Salt and Soul NYC

Certified Energy Coach/EFT Practitioner/Reiki Master

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