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ZEST is a day in the Tuscan countryside with lemony essential oils, zest and verbena flowers dancing through the gardens. This candle tin is the perfect size for smaller rooms, apartments and beach bungalows and each one rides along with its own burlap pouch.

Adorned with: clear sea glass

Scented with: Zingy Lemon Verbena is a fresh and true lemon scent. Sustainable coconut/olive oil wax with reclaimed wooden wicks.

Notes you can expect: TOP - Lemon Sugar, Lemon Peel. MIDDLE - Lemon Verbena, Lemongrass. BOTTOM - Light Musk.

Hand-poured vegan coconut/olive oil wax blended with phthalate-free and toxin free fragrance oil. Reclaimed wooden wick.

How to Safely Enjoy Your Candle: For best enjoyment, refer to card included with each order.