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Safety. Stability. Trust.

Adorned with: Red Jasper Crystal healing vibes promote vitality, physical strength, and supports the Root Chakra.

Scented with: Mahogany is the comfort and safety of an oversized, well-worn Adirondack chair where nothing and no one can shake your Zen. Settle into the bold and complex scents of aged teakwood, mahogany, shea, potent ginger with a woody base of sandalwood, amber and just a hint of patchouli.

Notes you can expect: TOP - Peppercorn, Ginger, Spice, Shea. MIDDLE - Tobacco leaf and Teakwood. Bottom - Sandalwood, Amber and Musk

Affirmation: I trust myself. I am grounded and safe in the world.

What to do with your crystal:  Remove it (refer to How to Safely Enjoy Your Candle in the main menu) and add it to your meditation routine, put it on display or leave it in place as the candle glow reveals its true color.