The Power of Pause

Whether it’s a collective global crisis or a personal one that hits close to home, sometimes you just need to hit…pause.  

Pause can look like a full out revolution for change (stop the world I want to get off!) or a peaceful surrender to the events thrust into your sphere with equal measures of grace and trust that all is for your favor. 

For Salt and Soul NYC, we’ve taken a peaceful surrender to recalibrate our world. We’ve let go of the oars to coast for a bit and renew our creative juices. And wow…have we missed you!

Let's be honest, in the real world we can't just walk away from things. Learning how to create pockets of time, set boundaries and allow space to breathe is essential self-care. It may seem counter-intuitive when we've been programmed to cram in as much as we possibly can "do" in a day, but a pause can reenergize and refocus. It's better for your health and happiness too! Here are some ideas for creating a pause in your day:

~Take a break from absorbing electronics (no watching/listening to the news)

~Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier and indulge in your favorite self-care (read inspiration for the day, brew the tea you'd been saving for a special day (that day is today!) or just some extra time in the shower.


~Switch up your routine

~Listen to music that shifts your mood

Sometimes it's the magic in the little things that delivers the big rewards. How do you practice pause?


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