How to get...UNSTUCK

If you've ever created anything (who hasn't, right?), whether it's a hobby, a project at work or a side hustle, sometimes it's hard to find a starting place. Like where do you begin? Where's the jumping off point? How do you fill a blank page?

The creative process can be a struggle, painful and stressful. It can also be easy, fun and in the flow. And both scenarios -- struggle and flow -- have necessary merit. And everyone's process is different.

Whenever creating a candle collection, it always starts with a question, research and lots of receptivity to receiving the hits of inspiration. Because you never know where ideas will come from!

This season, I sat with the question -- what do people need? I just let that marinate for a couple of days. When I would stress about it, I would breathe deep and light a candle (of course). I wrote the question on post-it notes and placed them about, so that it was readily visible during the day. Then I suddenly found myself humming the classic sung by Dionne Warwick, What the World Needs Now -- actually several other "love" songs popped in too!

As soon as I made the connection between the "love" songs and my question, my first feeling thoughts (these are the thoughts coming from your gut/intuition) were saying it was perfect. Then my mind thoughts (doubt) chimed in saying, it had been done already and it was too simplistic. As I considered both feeling and mind thoughts (even doubt is worth exploring), The Summer LOVE collection had its start. 

If you are feeling stuck about something right now (a creative endeavor, a new career or just exploring "what's next?"), here are some great idea starter questions. Once you start the wheels turning, pay attention and be open to receiving unexpected answers in unexpected ways:

~What is the simplest step I can take toward...?

~What does the end (final outcome, finished product, etc.) look like?

~How do I know I'm stuck?

~What would my future self tell me about the next right step for me?

Would love to hear about your creative process...drop a comment!



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